Today I had a mobile mechanic who services AC on vehicles.. you told me that … Hello, new member, generally happy owner of early 2009 LTZ (purchased Nov 2008) and based in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia (North of Jeddah on Red Sea). If both hoses are hot, that excludes thermostat and heater core issues. If heat is not blowing out on the passenger side vents of your vehicle, your should check the hoses on the firewall under the hood after the vehicle has warmed up. I am a bit tight on $ and thought it might be something simple enough to fix on my own. You may need to have the AC system recharged. 2. If I manually turn the fan to run at speeds 2,3 or 4 it blows cooler, but not real cool! It is not a bi-zone car so it has to be one of admission double doors . Dual zone systems allow the driver and front passenger to adjust respective temperatures to their comfort levels. Average repair cost is $960 at 61,700 miles. Turned passenger side … Checked actuators, all work ( as it changes temperature on the right). The driver’s side air conditioning has been blowing hot air (after a couple hours it finally gets a little cool but not much) and the passenger side blows out nice cold air. Cold blows on passenger side. The driver side vents are blowing cool (not cold) and the passenger side is blowing HOT. The 2013 Chrysler 200 has 14 problems reported for heat only on driver's side, cold air on passenger side. The passenger side is blowing cold air and the passenger seat will cool. 2007 gmc envoy cold air quit blowing on top vents but comes out below vents. I brought it to my dealer who said they couldn't find a problem, which I found odd. I have the temperature gun on it yesterday and it was blowing 80 degrees or more (the same as the other vents). Guest - Promechanic In reply to: Guest - truman. Average repair cost is $540 at 72,150 miles. This appears to be a very common problem, with a few different causes. There is a recharge post on the passenger side and on the driver side. Drivers side AC/heat works fine but passenger side seems to only blow ambient/outside air, no heat or AC. 1. Feels great, but when you put your hand immediately over the drivers side vent (center dash) it is warm, and it takes a while for it to get cold??? My guess is that you would have to replace the "BLEND" door as one side may have just broken off not allowing you to change from blowing through the heater core to the AC condenser core. Found the instructions here in the 5th Gen forums from an old 2012 or 13 posting from someone in Europe. 9,974 satisfied customers. This is the actuator that … Q: When I turned on my heat the other night in my was blowing heat out of the passenger side but cold air was coming out on driver side vents. Vehicle only … I did notice that on the AUTO settings the heat was hotter than not using this setting. So, on cold all ok, on hot it works only for passenger side. 3. - 2000 Cadillac Eldorado. Reply. Reply 1: Couple questions. The A/C started acting funny several weeks ago, even though it is set on AC MAX it will blow hot air on one side and cold on the other: Passenger=HOT Driver=COLD or viceversa, depends on the cars mood. Ford F150 Lariat: Hi, I … ac only works on driver side, blows heat on passanger side? This is with the heat on. (And it does this even when I hit the max A/C button). Usually cars that blow cold on one side of the dash and warm on the other side, are typically equipped with a dual zone climate control system. What could it be? ... my 2007 toyota camery blows cold air from passenger side vents only on all settings heat defrost vent or floor … read more. It's not dual-AC - the drivers side isn't working. Has one of the door actuators gone bad? i have replaced the actuator behind the radio and above the gas pedal. I can see that the actuators which control/divert the air to feet, face etc work ok and i can control the flow locations. The driver side blows hot air and the drivers seat will not cool … read more. I ordered a recharge hose/gauge from Amazon and picked up a can of r1234 at Autozone, filled the system, and the system is blowing ice cold now (just over a week since I … Don't think it even took 2 minutes and I was back to ice cold AC. Since the "Recirculating" door opens up through the passenger side compartment, you are pulling the cold air blown on the passenger side back into the system making it feel like it is blowing … I have a gen3 (2010 model) and my a/c has been playing up and only works on the passenger side too. This is problem with the "mode door actuator". SOURCE: 2004 Tbird blowing hot air on passenger side and. Last night when reassembling the van I had everything working great. Thanks in advance! Don't often use the A/C at all, but due to the recent hot and humid spell I used it and had cold air blowing from the passenger side but the driver's side blows warm to hot air!! If anyone has the correct part#s for the gear and actuator , that would be great, just to double check .. I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. i have dual climate controls and the passenger side seems to work correctly. Guest - truman. I have a 2002 745i with about 150K miles. I have a 2013 Lincoln MKX. I would also appreciate a possible solution for this issue. Since the car is dual climate the obvious thing is the make sure that the temps are at same temp, which it was. 29 Posts #21 • Nov 2, 2017. Everywhere else is fine. Any clue as to why its doing this? I seem to be getting cold air blowing on the passenger side footwell. Being that it is winter its a bit cold outside and would like to use my heat, but only the driver side blows hot air, the passenger side seems to blow cold (not AC, just cold) air. On my 08 chevy impala my radiator fan works on passenger but not drivee side then the ac only blows cold on passenger but not on driver side. The A/C in my '03 is blowing cold from the driver's side but not so cold from the passenger's side. Cabin Heat problems 2009 1 Answer. James. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 18, 2018. But to get there you need a competent … The next step is to use a code scanner to diagnose heater control My 2013 lincoln has hot air coming out of one side and cold on the other when ac is turned on 4 Answers. I have tried resetting the computer with both the batteries and the fuses. I can control the drivers side temp setting and works great but the passenger side only blows cold air. Today we went on a trip to town and realized the passenger side is blowing cold air only. Bachelors degree automotive technology with minor in diesel. So as the title explains, the passenger side AC is pretty chill. 2013 Lincoln MKX AWD-Maintenance & Repair . I can't even disable footwell blower by deselecting the down arrow, it just keeps blowing. There are two common causes of a temperature difference when both sides are set at the coldest settings, lets cover … This is despite the fact that both side's temp settings are the same. If so which one and does anyone have a diagram for the location of said … Want Answer 0. I have your exact same issues right now on my Holden Cruze 2013. Has anyone encountered this? Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 6, 2014. Posted by abskyhigh55 on Jun 05, 2012. Heat and A/C both work but when Heater is on it only blows warm on driver's side. The 2013 Volkswagen Passat has 3 problems reported for heater settings blow cold air on passenger side. The servo motor on passenger side moves fine. 2013 Lincoln MKX AWD-Maintenance & Repair. Still blowing cold air on the driver's side, ( while on heat ) and now starting to blow cold air on the passenger side too, as well as a slight clicking under the dash.. Hopefully it is a revised part and won't have any more issues. 2007 Toyota Avalon XLS. Cheers Ironborn, Sep 29, 2012 #1. snack-media Advertisement. But I have a RHD Prius and thus my passenger side is your driver side. nothing i have done has fixed the driver side … Mine was blowing really really hot air in the driver's side front and warmish air in the rear. From reading an extensive list of people with this problem it can be many things. Disclaimer: … on driver side heat blows hot on passenger side blowing cold what could that be. With the A/C blowing , at the … One of the valves necessary for recharging is right up front on the passenger side. The servo motor on driver's side by gas pedal does not move at all. Ac blows cold on passenger side only. My a/c appears to have a small leak as when I got the car regassed it blew ice cold on both sides but as it lost gas it got warmer on my side and stayed cold on the passengers. Geraldy212 Sportback owner. the a/c on the driver side of my truck is always blowing hot. I have cold air blowing out my passenger side vents and heat blowing out my drivers side. My AC is blowing cold air on the passenger side but warm air on the drivers side. All blend actuators are working, I can see them move full stroke. > the air conditioner will blow cold air on passenger side, but > blows warm air on the drivers side, what is the problem, do > i have to take the whole dash out to try and resolve. My 2005 DeVille has a problem with the AC - only the vents on the drivers side are blowing cold, and the passenger side dash vents are blowing how air. On the right side i can see the actuator which controls the hot or cold … Dual Zone Heat/AC. I have tried playing around with all the controls and settings with no change. In our case I was pretty sure it was the passenger blend door actuator. Hi new to the forums. Print this page; Share this page × Ad. And it worked. Reply. im working on a 2011 f150 ecoboost. Does the same thing if i turn the heat on. Started car one day and the AC unit was "dead", did not light up. I have spent some time looking for this information but have not been able to find a solution. Hey there. But I have no heat on the passenger side and minimal on driver's side. I pulled down the sound deadening carpet below/behind the glove box, and could then see the door actuator. Show more. My car has 42000 miles. Usually I deal with it, however, its been near 100 this month and can’t take it anymore. Now I am frustrated and unsure where to start. I took it in for an oil change (at GMC) and asked the guy to look at it. … 2013 mkx A/C Not blowing correctly 1 Answer.

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