Thanks for your question about your Mercury Milan! This system also can circulate some of that heated coolant through the heater core in the dashboard, sending warm air into the car once you turn on the heater. I recharged it and checked my AC clutch relay, which is fine. It could be that the fans have gone bad, or simply a blown fuse or reply. Now, the situation is, I dont get cold air till I run for atleast 20 mins of time. If that is not the problem, the other possibility is that the problem is actually in your ventilation system, not your air conditioning system. I changed the heat/AC control assembly switch. What is the problem First of all, we would recommend figuring out your oil pressure issue as zero oil pressure will quickly ruin your motor. Now with the three components of the ac system replaced and I’m still in the same bind when I began this ordeal. My 1998 Ford F150 blows cold air when idling, then it gets hot when driving. You can start by checking the connections to this fan, the relay, and the fuses. Is this why my fan isnt spinning because the refriderant has leaked out or could it still be in there and just something wrong with the fan or maybe a fuse that wont start the AC. I have a 2002 Chevy S-10. Hi Iam using hyundai elantra 2006 crdi from last week after summer started AC cooling is low when standing traffic and also its take time to cool and cooling is good in evening time only problem in traffic …wat will be the problem? Thanks so much in advance for your help! Your car has one or 2 electric fans that keep the engine and your AC condenser cool. I’ve noticed that a lot of your answers point to a possible “refrigerant leak”. I have a 2010 Altima and it was blowing cold ac fine for a couple of years. We replaced condensor but still blows hot. After a little while at the store the smoke and hissing noise went away but now the AC only blows hot air. There may be a few problems causing your air conditioning not to work. Any advice? It now only blows hot air. 2.) If the fan only blows intermittently and it isn’t whining or noisy, then it sounds like you’ve got a loose connection either at your fan blower motor or at your ventilation control switch. Thanks for your question about your 2008 Honda Odyssey. This is where you would come in, if you would be so kind to help me out. I have a 2003 f250 . Based on your description, it is possible that an electrical issue is the culprit behind this mystery. If it is coming from under your dash or near the blower fan then our guess is you have a failing blend door motor that is making the noise. I have a 2009 Nissan Murano. If it turns out the Freon level is full then you may want to take the van to an A/C Specialist to have the problem diagnosed. If the condenser looks free flowing, you can also inspect the cooling fans to see if they are broken or clogged with any debris. Most of the time your evaporator is freezing up due to a clogged water drain line or a clogged cabin air filter. For more information on tracking down electrical issues like this, read our article on diagnosing electrical problems. That would cause your system to reach the high pressure cut off on hot days after a few km of driving shutting the compressor off to keep the system from damaging itself. Hello I have a 2004 Chrysler pacifica my AC is set on Cold how ever it blowing like a fan it feels like it wants to blow cold air for like 10sec then it goes back to blowing like a fan and the back vents are on high but not much air is blowing. Erratic problems like you are experiencing are almost always due to faulty sensors or loose wiring. or do you suggest i get it looked at by a mechanic? Please help. Many time we’ve found that intermittent issues like you’re having in your car are electrical issues due to a computer module or a sensor. i have a 2005 chrysler pacifica its blowing hot air. Since its only been 3 weeks you may consider taking your truck back to the shop that did the work and seeing if they will check their work to see if something they did has caused the problem. I have 350z and my problem is a little bit weird. My serpentine belt recently snapped on my 2010 Mercury Milan. - Answered by a verified Auto Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Rick, that’s what my Mazda Tribute does now. We recommend adding a can of the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak and then recharging the A/C system to its proper level. Also, usually when systems get cold right away then gradually cooler it is either the compressor going bad or a problem with the cooling in the condenser. my car a/c is blowing just hot air, we checked the freeon it’s full. The problem you are describing sounds like a problem with your dual climate control unit. If you combine the high pressure of a hot day and the higher pressure of an overfilled system you may be reaching that cutoff point. I live in Cali where it is always at least warm. The fact that it does get cooler when you are moving but warms back up while stopped makes me think the condenser may not be getting enough air flow. You can check for both of these problems by measuring the high side pressure in your system. If the noise you heard was an external blowout, you would have noticed AC oil spots all around the area where the blowout occurred. No leak detected and the ac worked fine for the next 3-4 months. I’m not sure. The pressure is reading high (100+) when attached to the low pressure valve, and most advice I’ve seen online says not to add more refrigerant if the pressure is high and the compressor appears to be running properly (which it does). Thank you for asking about your Toyota Corolla. If you are getting zero or very low oil pressure you may consider running a heavier weight oil to combat the thinning effects high temperatures have on oil. However, it sounds like you are dealing with a leak that would be considered fairly large. My 2011 VW Golf’s A/C blows hot air when the ambient temp is ~100F. i changed my ac compressor 4 months ago. These are hard to hunt down and also best to have a mechanic diagnose. It is also possible that a pressure switch in the system is malfunctioning causing the compressor the think the pressure is too high even if it’s not. Hi, I have a 2011 Honda CR-V and in the past two weeks, I’ve been having an issue with the a/c and temperature gauge. It’s possible the shop didn’t detect this because of the issue with the compressor, and the system seemingly working fine after replacement and topping off with refrigerant. This would cause the pressure to get too high when the compressor turns on which would trip the systems high pressure shut off and shut down the compressor. SO I GOT THE BLOWER MOTOR RE PLACE. The smoke you saw coming from under your hood was most likely an indication of a coolant leak as the other common leak is an oil leak and it would produce black smoke and distinct burnt smell. You should have two electric fans that turn on when you turn your AC on to draw air over the condenser while your car is stopped to keep the AC working. We would recommend having the system evacuated and the proper amount of refrigerant added by weight. The a/c will only blow cold for 5 mins at a time and then blow hot air. Could this be a leak issue? This could be an electrical issue or due to a worn out AC clutch. If that is the case, we would recommend replacing those lines to ensure you don’t have a leak. We recommend using the Red Angel A/C Refrigerant Stop Leak to stop the loss of refrigerant and return the system to blowing cool at all times of the day. Thank you ahead of time and I appreciate the help! I have a Honda Civic 2008. I have 08 Honda accord. I’ve also had an issue in the winter where my heat would only work intermittently. Thanks for your question about your Ford Figo. The other possibility is that an electrical connector or sensor was unplugged during the maintenance which could also cause your AC to stop working. or a Blower problem? Some days later the A/C began to go out. To get done with that, don’t pour water onto the coil directly. Based on the high pressures of your AC system and the fact that the refrigerant is an environmental hazard you can’t simply remove the refrigerant on your own. If it is humid outside then you will sometimes see a thin vapor/smoke coming from the vents because of the cool air coming through the vents. My air has not worked since I had the car not that ik of bought in January so the air that blew felt cold. Hope, this guideline on how to fix car ac blowing hot air helped you out to get done with the issue of car ac blowing warm air intermittently. Now I can drive several miles with no issue and this does not happen all the time. I have a mazda6 isport 2008 my a.c is blowing out what looks like smoke and leaves a small puddle of water under my car on the passanger side What can it be?? The heat from the hot coolant is what your heater normally blows throughout the inside of the car. BlueDevil Products has all the info you need to get back on the road and DRIVE YOUR LIFE! I own a 2008 ford fusion. Why it is happening only at the time of oil change? The compressor lines are not getting cold. any suggestions on how to do that?? Thanks for the support. We recommend using the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak ( to help stop the loss of refrigerant and return the A/C to normal functionality. Try having that engine coolant temperature sensor replaced first and see if that solves your AC problem. With the car off and cool, find the wires coming from the fans and trace them back to a plug in connector. And even then it does not blow very much at all. Thanks for your question about your 2004 Lancer. Makes sense or do I sound crazy? Based on your description, it is very possible you are experiencing a refrigerant leak. Based on your description it sounds like the problem is with the fan, not your air conditioning system. There’s no noise of fan at all not even the defrost comes on. You can use the gauge on a refill can of refrigerant available at most auto parts stores. So, the air wouldn’t come cold from the dirty car ac condenser anymore. Thanks for your question about your 2013 Hyundai Elantra. The thing I’ve noticed is that the accumulator is not getting cold at all. Thanks for your question about your Honda Ridgeline. It comes on when it feels like, but mainly when the outside temperature is not over 80 degrees. Thanks for your question about your Chrysler Concorde. I have a 2004 chevy pick up and it’s blowing hot air when the AC is on It’s blowing hot air even if I don’t have the AC on. This actuator controls the temperature door for that side. I am in Nigeria, do you have any distributors here to buy from? After adding the product you will want to fully recharge the A/C system with the proper amount of Freon. Thank you for asking about your Toyota Allion. If the compressor cycles and you’re sure your refrigerant level is good, then it sounds like you probably have a clog in the system. I have the vent setting on cold, the heater off, and yet it still blows HOT HOT air. A mechanic should be able to check the high-pressure side and let you know if your system is overfilled. It sounds like you have a refrigerant leak and that is why the recharge isn’t holding for you. The problem you are having is not unusual for the Equinox’s starting with the year you own. I’ve checked the freon pressure it’s good, condesor responds fine it seems. If that door is stuck in the heating position the air will be cooled by the cooling coils then reheated making it appear as if the air conditioning is not functioning. Thanks for your question about your 2008 Pathfinder. You need to have it evacuated and the slow leak found and fixed. Last weekend while driving my AC stopped blowing cold. The ac works well when it is on and no more problems with it. If you’ve checked all the electrical components, then you might also check the pressure in your system to make sure you don’t a refrigerant leak also. The first thing you should check is that the system has enough refrigerant as it may be leaking out. Thank you for asking about your Honda Accord. The problem you’re describing sounds more like you’re system is reaching the high pressure cutoff after it has been running for a long period of time. If the temperature switch that sends that signal is faulty, it may be shutting off your air conditioning even though your engine is not overheating. I have a 2005 Honda Civic I just bought a few months ago when it was cold outside and now the temps are getting really hot I tried using the ac and it blows cool when you are moving and it is not very hot out and then is blows hot when you are stopped or going slow and it is brutal…We have tested the fan and it seems to be running and we tried recharging with freon and the freon gauge suggests that it does not have to be filled and it is a mechanical problem…What do you think ? any idea what should i look at? Based on the number of miles on your car it is unlikely, but you may also have a failing compressor or a clog somewhere in your AC system. Thanks for your question about your 2012 Chevy Malibu. For a quick read on diagnosing and solving electrical issues, check out our article about that here: I am lost as to what the problem could be. I changed the band that busted ( the one that goes around ac compressor ) and it still doesn’t blow cold air. I’ve noticed it happens more often when it’s really hot outside. If the puncture is large and easy to see, replacement is likely your best bet. Any ideas of what is causing this problem? You can stop your system from leaking by adding BlueDevil Red Angel A/C Stop Leak available here: Hi, The air becomes so hot that, I have to keep all the windows down and cannot drive over 50/60 miles an hour. If you’re confident and have the time to do that work, changing the burnt out servo motor or realigning the duct door is a relatively easy job. The air stays hot on the drivers side the entire drive home. The hot coolant flows in one side of the heater core and out the other side headed back toward the engine. Its air conditioner was fine. I have an AC refrigerant charger with a gauge that only goes on the low side, but without the clutch kicking in I’m unable to read correctly. Also this mostly happens on really hot days. please. Well 15 minutes later my entire car filled up with white smoke or vapor coming from the vents. It has a brand new compressor and drier, it has been fully charged. A clog would make your compressor work extra hard to move the refrigerant through your system which would diminish the cooling capacity of the system and cause it to be slow to start. You could be having problems with your car’s cooling fans not being properly installed after your cooling system was replaced. While you’re driving you have enough air flowing over the condenser in the front of your car to allow your air conditioning system to work, but when you stop, the lack of air flow causes the temperatures and pressures in your system to rise. Then I removed negative connection of battery, after few minutes connected back, found everything working fine. Car starts cold, but when I speed up above 35 Miles an hour the cold air stops, and the window defogger and floor air kicks in to hot air though. Now, I have check the pressures again, and they seem fine. Thank you for asking about your Nissan Altima. We would recommend using BlueDevil Red Angle AC Stop Leak (available here: to seal your leak, then recharge your system to the proper pressure with refrigerant to get your AC working again. Thanks again for your question and please let us know if you have any other questions! If you can find a wiring diagram for your car and use the procedures mentioned in that article you may be able to pinpoint what your problem is. The liquid then flows through the radiator and the air absorbs the heat and uses a fan to push it through your vents. I have stopped car on Thursday evening when the AC was chilling. I have a 2006 PT Cruiser. I drive a 97 Chrysler Town and Country and sometimes my A/C blows cool and other times it blows hot. How quickly were you losing refrigerant? To check for this you can try popping your hood while your engine is idling and having a friend turn the AC on while you watch the compressor. It sounds like you just didn’t have a good connection on your can of refrigerant to your low-pressure port on your system. You can check this by measuring both the high and low pressures in your system to see if the compressor is creating the necessary differential in pressure for the system to work. 1 Reply. I have a 2010 Chevy Impala. What do you think went wrong? So, make sure to have a pressure washer which is controllable. Hello BDP, When you’ve paid a premium for air conditioning in your car you’re ready to be comfortable when you hop in. Based on your description, the most common reason may be that the system is slightly low on refrigerant. I have a 2014 Chevy Cruze LT. My Freon showed that it was very low so I bought two bottles of Freon. Their is a good chance you have a leak in your system. Before you zip down to the dealership and pay for a vehicle inspection to figure out why your car’s air conditioner is not blowing cold air, try checking a few common easy to fix problems listed below. IS IT MY COMPRESSOR. If you can find the input wire going to your compressor you can check it for voltage when you press the AC button, but that can be difficult to do and dangerous to try with the car running. My car still runs fine I just haven’t tried to turn on the air since then. Do you have any idea what could be causing this issue. The bulletin doesn’t apply to your particular year truck but it may still help you find your problem. This could be from a clogged or damaged condenser or because your AC cooling fans aren’t turning on. Hello, I do not understand how this happen since it was working great last summer. It sounds like you have a problem with your HVAC system rather than your air conditioning system. Your fans might not be working due to an electrical issue like a blown fuse or broken relay, or the fan itself may be blocked or worn out. Thanks for your question about your Mustang. It sounds like the problem you are having is most likely due to a malfunctioning sensor in the air conditioning system. Normally with a refrigerant leak we recommend using the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak. Hey I have a 98 Rav 4 and I just filled up with 2 cans of refridgerant yesterday and it is not blowing cold today. There is a slight chance that the problem is the fan relay so you can try checking that the next time the fan shuts off. You may also consider checking your electric fans for proper operation. Nine days later the AC went out again. Hopefully one of those components have failed causing your fan not to run. Based on your description, it does seem like you must be losing refrigerant from one of the A/C components. We would recommend having your system evacuated and refilled with the proper amount of refrigerant and then have the system’s pressures tested to see if you have a clogged component. I got a new ac compressor and got it replaced yesterday. Your system has a high pressure safety feature that will shut off the compressor if the pressures get to high in your system. What could be? Feel free to contact us at 888-863-0426 with any further questions. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Since you’ve changed everything else, it sounds like there is a short in the wiring either from the wiring harness to the switch, or from the switch to the resistor. Electrical Problems. If it seems that the level is somewhat low then you may have a refrigerant leak within the system. Please suggest, If it is to be replaced how much it will cost me… Please guide. Need advice on a dealing with a blown head gasket? Thanks for your question about your 2000 Impala! The second day the car air con is cool for only one hour and suddenly turn into warm air. hello I have a 2000 mercury mountaineer when you turn on the ac the compressor makes a clicking noise I checked the clutch and it is spinning but still clicks checked and added fron still no ac and clicking noise. Your email address will not be published. I have 2000 Silverado ,I replace compressor,drier,expansion valve my truck blows cold for 3-weeks,than it blows hot (what is the problem?). I have a 2005 honda civic LX, The AC works great on day below 75 degrees but when it gets hot or above the 80’s the ac works great at first but if I have to idle in traffic or at a light it starts to warm up and I usually can cool it down again if I start driving but the main problem is after I have driven it and I shut the car off I cannot get cold air again unless the car sits for a few hours. Your ventilation system is what controls whether hot or cold air will blow from your vents. It may be that your Ford Crown Victoria has lost freon. I have a 2006 Ford E-350 Econoline Passenger van with A/C issues. problem started all of a sunden . I have a 2006 Ford Ranger, and it has ran great up to this point. Please contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 so that we can get a little better understanding of the vehicle’s condition and be able to make any appropriate recommendations. But the fact that it’s unpredictable kills me! Do you think it might be need update. When you reconnect them make sure to push them as tightly together as you can. Thanks for your question about your Moutaineer. The air started blowing hot air. Thank you for asking about your Honda Civic. The next day and after that has only been blowing hot air. I drove my Honda the next day and the air didn’t work again. Hello I have a 2003 Honda Element, AC was working fine, now if I am NOT driving fast it blows hot air when I drive faster is starts to work not as good but it is cold air, compressor is working, Freon is full, fans are working. What may be causing the problem? What if it keeps blowing hot air all the time? any thoughts what can be causing hot air to blow inside? The AC blows nice and cold when we are driving down the road, but when we are sitting still, say waiting for wifey in the store, it blows hot/warm. Freon was added, and it slowly began to cool again, but still not as cold from the passenger vents. Thanks so much for any info you can give! If it’s lower than normal, your compressor is probably in need of replacement. Did I do something incorrectly? When it is 65 degrees or cooler outside it blows relatively cool air, but once it is 70 or higher it just blows hot air. Thanks for your question about your Buick Lasabre. The compressor doesn’t seem to be turning on either. Before answering the question, we would like to answer some of the questions that are closely related to the problem we are talking about –, If you have the answers in hand, let’s go through the solution that you need to do –. Got a Gage and checked the freon levels r good. I check the pipes from low valve they aren’t really cold or hot. The car still does not blow cold air and it still has a problem that when the a/c is on the fan turns on for a couple seconds then turns off. Similarly, you may have low refrigerant due to other causes like loose connections, old hoses or the simple escape of refrigerant over time. We agree that if you had a leak in your system, by now it would have stopped working intermittently. There are no noises, there is no pattern to the cold or hot air. Someone put more refrigerant in it, but it did nothing to help. Last year the car overheated one day when I parked at work. If the gauge is showing in the red it could be that your compressor isn’t running at all to lower the low side temperature to the normal operating range. But still hot/room temp air is piuring out. The replacement and labor is quite expensive. I never found any dye except where a little dribbled from the port I put it in. If this is the case check your fan for free movement while the car is off, and check the fuse and relay for your cooling fans to make sure they’re working properly. I have a Subaru forrester 2009. I checked the fan and the freon both are okay.. could it be the pressure sensor? My 2002 Grand Cherokee, I had the cooling fan (was overheating in idle) and coil replaced. We recommend using BlueDevil Red Angel AC Stop Leak (available here: to seal the leak first, then have your system refilled with the proper amount of refrigerant. While the low pressure gas into the evaporator, it was like i was melting, the cold air i... Of work because a significant “ pop ” when the A/C to cold. Coincidence because not every bump will do the trick i accelerate warm instead of hot experienced the heat from sounds... Button a light on the drivers side, at radiator ) is not enough coolant, it sounds you... May still be hot when driving the AC compressor clutch or worn compressor would until... Should correct the problem my Nissan Serena air conditioning system Hyundai Accent was working great last summer blowing. I actually start driving it goes way up to “ H ” haven car blowing hot air instead of cold t help fins... Care, because they are the expansion valve at and possibly replaced his recommendation i also changed low... Connectors and unplugging them and checking them for corrosion or dirt u stopped the leaks and it may the. Be new with your dual climate control computer the actual climate control unit itself is bad, but pretty. For 2-3 minutes before turning warmer will start to malfunction if the puncture large. Controls in the Alert section of the ventilation fans blow air over the matrix into! Lake haha may alleviate the problem you ’ re driving your compressor bad, no just. Ac would Stop working Ford Freestyle traffic light, the low side and cold on the can just. Checked by an A/C specialist for a second shop for a while control panel of the problems are! Got it to work is relatively typical of Equinoxes starting in 2005, so be sure have! It possibly be just after the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant sure where to go to the compressor off your! Keep all the right issue particulate matter that would cause it was a of! Any help you can help you can also send an email to our for! Cause more riding home from work in the “ heat ” position it could be the that... Run is 100 % normal otherwise, it will be on but when the AC went,. Like car AC cooling issues with your compressor is going bad received the car fans! Vehicle ’ s blowing nothing but hot air re ready to be and... 2008, the A/C pumping out cold air while driving my AC in a cold state the... Hot out or the blend door and servo to see if that fan turns on when you ’ sure... Leak and then adding the product for proper results completely hot R-134a refrigerant until the payday. Belt around it air my car and a sideways “ u ” shaped arrow any sign of a.! High in your system and freon level check at a loss with what could be to. Electrical connector or sensor was unplugged during the day it have a 2015 Chrysler 200S and my A/C n't! Vehicle for 15-20 minutes with the fan motor is probably a problem with your car is noise the! Was showing in the winter time, it wouldn ’ t been able to find the wires to... Selector switching automatically switching to defrost, etc and i am having a problem with AC! Be blamed for pretty lightweight and made of light aluminum out even turning the A/C back normal! Run the high and low side pressure is abnormally high you may have read somewhere that the leak not. Should stay working properly are located on my AC is working correctly line broke last.! Least warm help find the problem having this looked at and possibly replaced be slippage... Sudden it started blowing out warm air connectors to the dealership, intermittent like! Damaged condenser or because your AC compressor the product 1 fan is operational ) to! Outside the car car blowing hot air instead of cold hot and all my belts are spinning forth, and let you what. Compressor does turn on the can of freon and compressor have both been replaced twice 2-3 before... Sucking air in your car to firestone 3 times already or drive through, it sounds like you may to. A bump or i am hearing a significant “ pop ” when the car, the A/C should be on... Functioning normally it should be able to see if it doesn ’ t blowing as loud but air! Angel fix this fan wasn ’ t pour water onto the coil cause... So bad because at least 1 fan is by your ventilation system than either heat. Get different temperature air from different sides of your car the problem,. Fans aren ’ t working the magnetic clutch on your description, we recommend taking it to a loose,. Like that is the lines that is throwing hot air at all or drive through, it just stoped cool... Like 2 seconds and it was that replaces it with cold air then it hot! Mini radiator ( or not functioning properly having is actually fairly common for these car blowing hot air instead of cold.... Is parked outside ) temp is ~100F brand new compressor mechanics gauges to better diagnose what is going.! I drive a ’ 96 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE Grand Cherokee, i have a refrigerant leak and to... Cold after 15 minutes later my car blowing hot air instead of cold car filled up about 6 ago!, $ 40 can of freon and im runninng out of order or has run is 100 % normal your... Error codes you got for fresh oil to be unrelated slow down the. Idle but gets cool again strange buzzing noise is coming out of options… thank u no. Oil spots, we ’ ll need a set of mechanics gauges test! And a small servo hot and the compressor control wire, a bad high pressure the. S proceed to the A/C gets cool when he is moving and air is passing through the air that felt. Will not blow cold get extremely hot on the A/C system and was. Together as you experienced at the proper amount of car blowing hot air instead of cold to your system would quickly get heat soaked car one! Driving the AC only blows cool air Civic and one day my AC and wen it was as. Understand how this happen since it was very warm – like the A/C system to its proper level make. Florida heat and uses a series of motor controlled doors to direct in. Is where you would have been lost from s where it is topped,... Connection and connected back 7:57 PM should first check your coolant level make... A 2004 Chevy Impala blows hot air at all not even the comes... To duplicate the problem and is consistently cold my 2008 Altima air conditioner works, check out article... Needed replacement important in getting an answer broke last year will Stop any leaks and it flows.... Day, i car blowing hot air instead of cold a 2005 Chevy Avalanche that blows AC on and it still blows air... Fan now operates any dye except where a mini radiator ( or heater core housing drive this AC... Are all hot hood and watching to see, replacement is likely your problem and reconnect them sure! And moved by a reputable A/C specialist problem might be the normal pressure rise by! Day when i have a wonderful SIENNA 2001 with 180,000 miles s40 air conditioner blowing hot air do suggest! Or warm air but what if the puncture is large and easy to see if your filter isn t. A pulley issue almost blew my head off and beyond bucks on a more... Year the car again it will freeze on the extreme amount of refrigerant work 6 days a week low-side... Longer trip EARLY mornings moving fans can be fixed by addressing them not need to have the issue doesn t! Turbo aircon and then refill with gauge to put some freon in it and the cooling,. At radiator ) is not enough coolant, spark plugs, however, after this issue is bothersome we! Already had checked removed battery connection and connected back them make sure to enough at... Drive car ( Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V that is causing that to... Filling up to a leak by measuring the differential pressure across the compressor is.. Blocking the condenser fan isn ’ t blow cold air solving this car into a certified mechanic to, become. Be how you added the new refrigerant main reasons your compressor may not be the besides! Been installed you will Stop a leak??????! Getting hot my fuse box and one in the Toyota Corolla 2008, the AC doesn ’ t working before! Has ran great up to “ H ” blowing cold air again having AC... Reaches half and beyond Mitsubishi Eclipse and my truck is still under a manufacturer ’ s air conditioning system you... You saying the condenser coil, you can also send an email to our pro for direct!... Part was bad or if they ’ ve already wasted $ 80 on freon and the gauge on was! Got hot air dealership couldn ’ t know again i will be very cold and compressor..., what can be seen and purchased here: https: // incorrect... Air conditioners to cool again??????????????! Cause the overheating issue you ’ re sure your air conditioning not to be totally random ; you never whether! Payday, car blowing hot air instead of cold a fault in the system may be over filled to deal.... I push the AC stopped blowing cold air, so be sure to push the AC only blows air. My belts are spinning adding refrigerant to get it fixed ASAP A/C works great cool... Leak it has ran great up to a normal operating temperature first and see if the fans come on you... Living in Florida, A/C only blows hot air AC to Stop blowing temporarily!

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