Classic Home Improvement is highly recommended. For example, resolving an unexpected plumbing issue. This is a basic and simple look for stucco. As I said, the new finish will be a different color and a different texture so there is no option to paint over the old. Classic Home Improvements helped us remodel our master bathroom. He’s an excellent communicator staying in constant contact throughout the entire process . Chandler is an up and coming amazing worker as well, there whenever you need him. Texture is usually applied to hide imperfections. Copyright © 2011-2020 Classic Home Improvements. Each of the pictures shown below depicts a one-square-foot panel. We've been working with her and it has been nothing but pure professionalism, clear communication, and honesty. He is patient and respectful. The application is done by hand and rubbed in a circular motion to achieve the worm look. An elastomeric paint will soften the texture some but to completely change the texture it need to be re stucco'd. The formerly lumpy walls are now smooth and have better curb appeal. If your texture is thick, use a scraper and run it gently along the ceiling to scrape the texturing off. And varies in price depending on how close or large you want your rough areas. Kelly and Andrea were awesome when helping design our master bath. Work in about a 2-foot area by pulling the compound down and down, then back and forth in smooth motions until it begins to set a little bit. You can trust this company to stand behind their work. I ended up with this company due to the reviews and salesmanship.Execution is amazing.Jack is very friendly who is the owner and will take the time to listen and figure things out. The project supervisor was Neil Caton with customer relations help from Tony Cuevas. Ask the paint associate what they recommend for your particular … This look can hide imperfections and looks great on residential homes and looks like traditional stucco. The star of the bunch is technician Kevin Kries, what an eye for detail this guy has, give Kevin a raise! Where to Have a Bathroom Addition in Your Home, Bathroom Remodel Material Checklist: What and When to Order Your Finishes. Throughout the process the team dealt with our ever-changing demands and addressed our every concern. Removing a popcorn ceiling is simple with the right tools and supplies. This stucco texture option is the most difficult finish to achieve but it’s growing to become very popular and that is the smooth stucco finish. He is highly qualified in many design and construction aspects of this industy. We felt perfectly comfortable giving leaving them alone and giving them full access to our home. I would highly recommend Classic Home Improvements for all your remodeling needs. We enjoyed seeing a steady progress they made. We were very satisfied with the finished product. For example, to create a … One thing to bear in mind is truly "smooth" coat stucco does not have the life of sanded stucco, because the roughness provides a lot more surface area for wicking moisture to the surface and evaporating it. The whole project took 7 weeks, and they stayed on time and on budget throughout. Royce was our project manager and did a thorough job planning and communicating all that was happening every day to us. However, special aggregates have to mix in to accomplish this look. I highly recommend Classic Home Improvements and if you can work with Andrea - you will not be disappointed. I felt he has integrity and I could trust his work and company. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received.Andrea, Kelly, Yvonne, Kevin, Shane, Stephanie, Joe, Chandler, and Royce the super star provided us with the best service we ever experienced. When thinking about improving our homes, we flip through magazines (or browse Pinterest obsessively!) The goal is just to knock off the majority of the material. I had Tony Cuevas, from Classic Home improvements come to my home and bid on a deck project. He followed up with contact information to ask if I had any questions or concerns. showcasing granite counter tops and gas ranges in the kitchen, or luxurious marble steam showers in the bathroom. How to Smooth a Textured Wall Finish Projects text: Tim Carter. We would definitely hire them again. Lace is one of the most traditional stucco textures. Plus, this helps support us a bit so we can keep making these teaching videos. Texture, Be Gone! It will not match 100% but it will appear perfect to the casual observer. I'm a college-trained geologist and marvel at this landscape. Unlike our clothes, we can’t constantly change the stucco siding or wood siding of our homes, so picking something that is durable is very important. We’re adept at applying a number of unique textures to your stucco, resulting in finishes that lend themselves to the building’s aesthetic. These finishes aren’t as common but they still look great. Vancouver's Ceiling Experts | Ceiling Texture Removal | Smooth Ceiling Finishing. Leah from See Jane Drill shows how to create a beautiful textured ceiling quickly and easily, using a texture roller and joint compound. You could possibly us a fog coat or I am sure there is some kind of masonry paint that will give you what you want. Smoothing exterior stucco walls is not often thought of when it comes to renovations and home improvements. Everyone at CHI is very supportive. I am glad that we found the company and as business owners ourselves, they should be proud to have someone represent them very well. Very pleasant person. Whether you’re thinking about removing ceiling texture or smoothing exterior stucco walls, your best bet is to call the professionals. You don’t want to apply too much pressure and damage the ceiling materials. It is nearly impossible to mess up a texture, so enjoy working with it. EVERYONE who came into our home was pleasant, friendly, and professional. Second, plan unexpected 15% for both your budget and any provided agreed timeline with your constructor. I found this last part very important, because like when having a major surgery, if something unexpected arise during the surgery, you don’t want your surgeon to rush but rather to do it well and only once. It can come in a fine or heavy finish. This look does come with its downfalls where it is hard to patch and it has a tendency to crack than any other finishes. Sand or “Float.” Its texture has small sand particles that give it the semi-smooth texture. The final step in finishing a siding project, is applying the stucco finish. I would recommend Classic Home Improvements. Evenings and weekends are spent lounging in backyards and barbecuing on patios. I used this credit to complete some additional home work.A special note is the honesty of every worker involved, this is paramount whenever you have ‘strangers’ working closely with your most treasure asset: your family.After going through this experience my recommendations to the average educated costumer are the following: first, do your homework and put in writing as detailed as possible your scope of work. Thanks!!! The term “stucco” used herein describes a factory-prepared, integrally colored finish which over the years has come to be used to describe all colored Portland cement finishes. Can a smooth layer of stucco be added over that? To achieve it’s unique texture, the brown coat is not flat like in the smooth coat, giving it depth, character and elegance. Kelly Walla does and absolutely superb job of helping you pick out everything, Kelly is a wizard with design. Texture … We hired CHI to remodel a small deck/balcony and also to build a drain to prevent water leaks into the house from the rain. This stucco texture option is the most common and what people mostly associate stucco siding to. A Coquitlam family contacted us about their stucco covered exterior walls. Depending on where you live, the exterior siding of your home is very important. Summer is the perfect time to focus on exteriors. Gordon is very knowledgeable when it comes to design and remodel. It is manufactured from the highest-grade portland cement, hydrated lime, graded aggregates, and specific additives. Alternatives to Smoothing Out Stucco An alternative to retexturing your stucco is to simply wash, patch and paint it. Great Company. But occasionally also in synthetic form. To get this look, professionals apply two coats of the traditional stucco material with a pool trowel. I would definitely recommend them (and have already done so, twice!). I would strongly recommend Classic Home Improvement . We are very happy we chose Classic Home Improvement to remodel our guest bathroom. For the users of Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema … The quote given was competitive and fair. This overdue review is for the exterior department. Could it use a bit of polishing to really shine? He is one of the lead workers who did all the hard work in transforming our bathroom into what it is now. An elastomeric paint will soften the texture some but to completely change the texture it need to be re stucco'd. It is a very versatile finish and can be done with traditional or synthetic stucco it is troweled down and finished using a float and quick strokes. We met Andrea at the Del Mar Home/Garden Show. It was a minor renovation that only took a few days, but it really improved the look and feel of the space. He asked what were my desires and likes and answered a multitude of questions I had. The carpenters and painters did an excellent job and, there were no add-ons along the way. It seems that this should be a doable thing for the home owner without having to hire a contractor since the prep seems to be minimal. Smoothing the exterior stucco walls makes it more difficult for insects to find crevices to nest. This free material can be used in all video game engines that support a physically based rendering workflow, but are optimized for using a metalness/roughness workflow. The contract process was smooth and easy, renderings were accurate and came immediately after contract was signed. Extremely professional, polite, and responsive. This company cares a great deal about their customers. We would highly recommend them. We used Classic Home Improvements for much needed repairs and painting the outside of our home. They are focused on customer service and ensure that their clients are satisfied. The crew was at our home on time every day. Trust him. Step 1 Using the power sander and a high grit sandpaper, sand down the rough stucco as smooth as possible before applying any other products. My 2 yr old home in Southern California has a rough stucco texture. Preparing for Your Home Remodeling Project, Inspiration Photos – Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities, Organization Tips To Declutter A Messy Kitchen, The Pros & Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets, Escondido Home Remodeling General Contractor, Outdoor Living & Exterior House Remodeling. For example, you can add sand grains of various sizes to the mixture in order to change … In our minds, Classic is a perfect balance in terms of getting the highest quality product and service, but at a very fair price. Classic Home Improvements came to my home to give me an estimate for the remodel I desired. A professional painter can power-wash the stucco, then apply new paint. Indeed, they picked up details that were overlooked in our original plans that could have affected ultimate look of our remodeling project. Escondido, CA 92029 And especially Neil Caton, project manager. We are absolutely floored with the service that we received from Classic Home Improvements. I’d like to highlight his work integrity, reflected in two things: stayed within budget and even credited money when final labor was not performed as originally planned. This look does come with its downfalls where it is hard to patch and it … This stucco texture option is the most difficult finish to achieve but it’s growing to become very popular and that is the smooth stucco finish. I had done over a year of research on companies and my project which is just a simple home addition. HOMEOWNERS ARCHITECTS LARGE PROJECTS KITCHENS BATH DIVISION AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL PENTA … Say goodbye to rough, harsh stucco walls and turn your home into a sleek expression of modern style. From start to finish, they took care of every detail. In certain parts of America, particularly in the Southwest, the predominant building siding is stucco: a plaster-like material that is traditionally made of lime and sand and water (today stucco usually also … Once the work started we primarily integrated with the project manager Royce – he is very knowledgeable in construction, kept the crew on task, and was easy to reach (cell). Stucco textures span the gamut from simple waves to smooth, flat surfaces, to faces made to look like brick and stone. This is what gives your home's exterior texture and depth. Nicole was timely providing me the pdf documents of every single payment and keep me updated with balance and logistics of the project.Project manager: Mr. Larry Chase, deserves a special mention, he is well-manner and spoken, impeccable listener and detail oriented. The use of control joints is strongly recommended to minimize cracking. If you hope to cover up a lot of blemishes with the stucco finish, then you will need to buy a larger quantity of thick stucco paint. Roofs should be loaded and … A large, diverse, construction company can’t effectively compete with such a company. We can solve your texture problem so you can go back to enjoying the summer sunshine. Scraping right on top of the existing texture, pulling the compound down the wall will start to fill the holes in the texture and create a smooth surface. Lastly, the final look will give you a range of colors. Merlex Santa Barbara Finish Stucco is formulated to achieve a semi-smooth, irregular texture similar to the early California adobe style buildings. Alternatives to Smoothing Out Stucco An alternative to retexturing your stucco is to simply wash, patch and paint it. Kevin was our project manager and he communicated with us and his team every step so we knew what to expect daily. We want to know if it is a good idea to apply a stained/smooth surface stucco over this? Dan, the manager, well rounded and organized, provided all the required legal documents timely as agreed prior to start the construction according to law. Smooth the final layer several times with a wet steel float. And is an excellent siding choice for many home styles, from modern to contemporary and even a bit of southwestern flair. It works well with synthetic and acrylic stucco siding. Classic did a fine job on my bathrooms and patio cover. We looked extensively at various options prior to selecting Classic (from high-end like Lars, to basically subcontracting the project out ourselves to try to save money). Keep the float wet and clean while smoothing. No doubt my favorite contractor to deal with! If I were to plan on doing a larger, more complicated project, I would call Classic back. Customer service is crucial for us and she exemplifies the highest standard of that category. The exterior siding of your home is like clothing to your home. Stucco can be textured in a variety of different ways to ensure a finish that’s truly unique to your building. Some textures work better to achieve an overall look and feel like a smooth texture for a Mediterranean look or a sand finish for a more modern look. The last piece of her design puzzle was smoothing exterior stucco walls. You may have a textured finish on a wall or ceiling in your home that resembles mesa and butte topography you may see on a grand scale if you travel to the magnificent Southwest part of the USA. It was nice to have our cameras to look back on each day as we were working away from home. I happen to be quite particular to say the least but CHI knocked it out of the park! They always showed up when they said they would. The end result is a smooth surface marked with deep, lacy rivulets—and a texture that’s super forgiving to hide building flaws. CHI absolutely deserves the A+ BBB rating that they have. I got smooth finish stucco added on my textured stucco house 2 yrs ago. I recommend CHI highly. Next, take the 100 grit sandpaper and use it on the ceiling until the surface is smooth. Ready and willing to go above and beyond. He was always there when I needed him....even when he was on well-deserved vacation!Give Neil a raise!!! Exteriors are sometimes overlooked here in the rainy Lower Mainland, where we tend to spend the majority of our time inside. My wife and I had a very positive experience with CHI. Choose stucco or textured paint from a hardware or paint store. We’ve lived in the house for 15 years and our kitchen was basically brown/Tuscan look, brown granite, etc. We have a 1974 spanish influence home with a rough stucco surface. This stucco texture option is smooth with small areas of texture. It is done in either fine, medium, or coarse finishes. The old stucco didn’t go with the homeowners’ design, so they opted for smooth exterior walls. I called them for an estimate on a modern kitchen remodel project at my house. Is this as easy as cleaning the … They are meticulous about the details and won’t end the project until both they and client are satisfied that everything is perfect. The finish coat is where you get your texture – the differences in stucco textures are typically created by manipulating a few key variables, such as adding different ingredients or aggregates to the stucco finish mixture, changing the amount of water used, or using certain methods of application. Some people like sandy smooth finishes and others may like heavier or thicker textures. Find the Right Stucco Finishes and Stucco Texture for your Siding. He will make sure every sub-contractor delivers impeccable work as detailed in contract and plans. Tony most impressed us in all ways and we would have gone with CHI, except for the fact that we got a bid from a small company who specializes in what we need. We plan to do a good cleaning first, of course. We are glad we made the decision to hire Classic and highly recommend them. But when was the last time you took a critical look at the exterior of your house? The materials were, what i considered, unduly delayed, which is the only reason for missing that fifth star but the materials came from an external source (not in-house). One guy would go out every 30 to 40 minutes to smoke from a tube? Above all and the best star of them all is Ivan! I have texture sets for Unity, Unreal Engine, and many others. Their technicians do professional, precise work. They did a complete bathroom remodel for us. Merlex Santa Barbara Finish Stucco will create an excellent bond to any properly prepared portland cement based surface. / Or what is the process to achieve a smooth stucco … I found these guys after going through hell with another company. Usually, it is done by hand or sprayed on with 3 coats to create this look. Many painting companies also are willing to patch small cracks, though for major repairs, painters will likely refer you to a stucco expert. Neil and crew stuccoed two walls on a commercial property in Escondido. We have known Gordon for over 10 years now. But he didn't return after a couple of days. Chandler also tried very hard. Sponsored Links We have had our share of bad contractors, it was refreshing to work with an organization that puts their customers first. We watch TV, read and browse the internet all from our cozy living rooms. It is applied by hand and can also be done with acrylic stucco as well. All Rights Reserved. You can add sand grains of various sizes to the mixture in order to change the texture of the finish. Every day they provide updates on the project via a website so you know exactly where things stand and what’s coming next. Note: weather will affect … The actual owner, Jack Crocker, came and was very knowledgeable and professional. They called us to remove it. From the initial meeting with Gordie Guthrie super salesman and great guy to the final OK with Managers Dan White and Royce Rams Ramswick it was about as smooth as it could get. WebFont.load({google:{families:['Lato:900:latin','Lato:300:latin','Playfair+Display:700italic:latin','Merriweather:700:latin','Crete+Round::latin','PT+Sans+Narrow:700:latin']}}); 600 S. Andreasen Drive, Suite A The present review focus on the implementation of the project as I already described our bid process with CHI.Our project lasted 3.5 months and involved major structural kitchen remodeling with renovation of our entire flooring in our first floor. Derek was thorough and did a great job. From the very beginning, she was extremely polite, helpful, smiling, and professional.

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