The Koch dynasty in northern Bengal flourished during the 16th and 17th centuries; it weathered the Mughals and survived until the advent of the British colonial era. [94] The alluvial soil of the Gangetic plain, combined with favourable rainfall, makes this region especially fertile. Asansol is the second-largest city and urban agglomeration in West Bengal. University of Calcutta, the oldest public university of India. The growth rate was 13.35% in 2014–2015. [119] Important manufacturing industries include: engineering products, electronics, electrical equipment, cables, steel, leather, textiles, jewellery, frigates, automobiles, railway coaches and wagons. During the Bengal Sultanate, the territory was a major trading nation in the world, and was often referred by the Europeans as the "richest country to trade with". On this day, processions begin at the various Buddhist monasteries, or gumpas, and congregate at the Chowrasta (Darjeeling) Mall. 6,43,85,550. The Durgapur centre has established a number of industries in the areas of tea, sugar, chemicals and fertilisers. [235][236][237], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}22°34′N 88°22′E / 22.567°N 88.367°E / 22.567; 88.367 (West Bengal), "Paschim Banga" redirects here. [179][180], A notable music tradition is the Baul music, practised by the Bauls, a sect of mystic minstrels. Post independence, West Bengal's economy is based on agricultural production and small and medium-sized enterprises. The state contributes 7.8% of India's population. This figure shows that the yearly population increase is of 0.43984 Million. Singur Block population, religion, caste, sex ratio, literacy rate data. Following the West Bengal State Assembly Election in 2011, the All India Trinamool Congress and Indian National Congress coalition under Mamata Banerjee of the All India Trinamool Congress was elected to power with 225 seats in the legislature. [115] The state's per capita income has lagged the all India average for over two decades. While the summer in the delta region is noted for excessive humidity, the western highlands experience a dry summer like northern India. Beginning in the mid-2000s, armed activists conducted minor terrorist attacks in some parts of the state. [55], During the 1970s and 1980s, severe power shortages, strikes and a violent Marxist–Maoist movement by groups known as the Naxalites damaged much of the city's infrastructure, leading to a period of economic stagnation and deindustrialization. Dinhata is a Municipality city in district of Koch Bihar, West Bengal. This figure shows that the yearly population increase is of 0.43984 Million. [222], In addition, the state is home to Kalyani University, The University of Burdwan, Vidyasagar University, and North Bengal University all well as established and nationally renowned schools to cover education needs at the district level and the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata. [122], In the period 2004–2010, the average gross state domestic product (GSDP) growth rate was 13.9% (calculated in Indian rupee terms) lower than 15.5%, the average for all states of the country. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); shares the most accurate population of Indian states and its city in 2019. Different festivals are in like way are celebrated in the form of Eid, Laxmi Puja, Christmas, and others. The Hingalganj Census Town has population of 8,179 of which 4,129 are males while 4,050 are females as per report released by Census India 2011. In Darjeeling, which is above 1,500 metres (4,900 ft), temperate forest trees like oaks, conifers and rhododendrons predominate. West Bengal  Population 2019 –96.33904 Million. The 1987 Cricket World Cup final was hosted in Eden Gardens. [166], The latest Sample Registration System (SRS) statistical report shows that West Bengal has the lowest fertility rate among Indian states. Its water flow management has been a source of lingering dispute between India and Bangladesh. The coastal region of Purba Medinipur exhibits coastal vegetation; the predominant tree is the Casuarina. [116], In 2015–2016, percentage share of Gross Value Added (GVA) at factor cost by economic activity at constant price (base year 2011–2012) was Agriculture-Forestry and Fishery—4.84%, Industry 18.51% and Services 66.65%. [19], In 1947, at the end of British rule over the Indian subcontinent the Bengal Legislative Council and the Bengal Legislative Assembly voted on the Partition of Bengal along religious lines into two separate entities: West Bengal, which continued as an Indian state and East Bengal, a province of Pakistan, which came to be known be as East Pakistan and later became the independent Bangladesh. Apart from this there is a Deemed university run by the Ramakrishna mission named Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University at Belur Math. When we go through the population figures of Howrah from 2014-18, it shows that in a span of the last 5 years the population has gone up by 0.556 Million. [183] Like other states in northern India, West Bengal also has a heritage in North Indian classical music. The Kolkata metro is the country's first underground railway. Natural resources like tea and jute in nearby areas has made West Bengal a major centre for the jute and tea industries. [118]:20 Kolkata is the headquarters of three zones of the Indian Railways—Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway and the Kolkata Metro, which is the newly formed 17th zone of the Indian Railways. [40] Later, in 1576, it was absorbed into the Mughal Empire. After Indian Independence, important groups such as the Calcutta Group and the Society of Contemporary Artists were formed in Bengal and came to dominate the art scene in India. [132], As of 2011, the total railway route length was around 4,481 km (2,784 mi). Notable handloom saris include tant, jamdani, garad, korial, baluchari, tussar and muslin. Bagdogra Airport near Siliguri is a customs airport that offers international service to Bhutan and Thailand, besides regular domestic service. [148] The Darjeeling district also has a large Nepali immigrant population, making Nepali a widely spoken language there. [35] After a period of anarchy,[36]:36 the Pala dynasty ruled the region for four hundred years beginning in the 8th century. Sweets such as narkol-naru, til-naru, moa and payesh are prepared during festivals such as Lakshmi puja. The economy of West Bengal is the sixth-largest state economy in India.In 2018–19, its public debt stood at ₹ 4.0 lakh crore (US$56 billion) or 33% of GSDP. Darjeeling is a Lok Sabha / Parliamentary constituency in of West Bengal and is located in Central India. [4] As of 2001, in decreasing order of number of speakers, the languages of the state are: Bengali (85.27%), Hindi (7.17%), Santali (2.80%), Urdu (2.06%), and Nepali (1.28%). [194] Bengal's vast repertoire of fish-based dishes includes hilsa preparations, a favourite among Bengalis. The estimated literacy level of Basirhat is 75.78%. One branch enters Bangladesh as the Padma, or Pôdda, while the other flows through West Bengal as the Bhagirathi River and Hooghly River. [212] Many of the schools in Kolkata and Darjeeling are colonial-era establishments housed in buildings that are exemplars of neo-classical architecture. In all Hindu form majority religion in 16 out of 19 districts of West Bengal state. [26] According to the Indian epic Mahabharata the region was part of the Vanga Kingdom. This rural general constituency has an estimated Scheduled Caste population of 25.23% and a Scheduled Tribe population of 6.54%. According to the West Bengal Forest Department, the tiger count for the year 2019-20 rose to 96, from 88 in 2018-19. [233] Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, Jio, Reliance Communications, Uninor, Aircel, MTS India, Idea Cellular and Tata DoCoMo are available cellular phone providers. Tollygunj in the city of Kolkata is the zone of various Bengali film studios and the name of Tollywood is basically inspired from Bollywood. The Council of Ministers reports to the Legislative Assembly. The western part went to the Dominion of India and was named West Bengal. [160][161] The proportion of people living below the poverty line in 2013 was 19.98%, a decline from 31.8% a decade ago. The Farakka barrage over the Ganges feeds the Hooghly branch of the river by a feeder canal. The data for 2020 & 2021 is under process and will be updated in few weeks. Darjeeling's schools include: St. Paul's, St. Joseph's North Point, Goethals Memorial School, and Dow Hill in Kurseong. Chhau dance of Purulia is a rare form of masked dance. [133][134] The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) serves the northern parts of the state. The Marwari’s and Bihari people can actually be found in various corners of the state and also different indigenous Buddhist communities like Sherpas and ethnic Tibetans can be found around the hills of Darjeeling. Therefore, the population of West Bengal in 2019 is 95.8992 Million + 0.43984 Million = 96.33904 Million. [69] Significant strides have been made in reducing unemployment,[70] though the state suffers from substandard healthcare services,[71][72] a lack of socio-economic development,[73] poor infrastructure,[74] unemployment and civil violence. [206], Eid al-Fitr is the most important Muslim festival in West Bengal. [230] Other major Bengali newspapers are: Bartaman, Sangbad Pratidin, Aajkaal, Jago Bangla, Uttarbanga Sambad and Ganashakti. School attendance is almost Singur Block in Hugli District of West Bengal. [77][78], West Bengal is on the eastern bottleneck of India, stretching from the Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the south. Administration by governors appointed by the court of the Mughal Empire gave way to semi-independence under the Nawabs of Murshidabad, who nominally respected the sovereignty of the Mughals in Delhi. [90] Part of the world's largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans in southern West Bengal. In urban areas, many women and men wear western attire. [137][138], Kolkata is a major river port in eastern India. This urban general constituency has an estimated Scheduled Caste population of 11.72% and a Scheduled Tribe population of 1.02%. [28] Bengal had overseas trade relations with Suvarnabhumi (Burma, Lower Thailand, the Lower Malay Peninsula and Sumatra). [208] The whole of Park Street is hung with colourful lights, and food stalls sell cakes, chocolates, Chinese cuisine, momo, and various other items. It consisted of several janapadas, or kingdoms. The state has a total area of 88,752 square kilometres (34,267 sq mi). [196] Common spices found in a Bengali kitchen include cumin, ajmoda (radhuni), bay leaf, mustard, ginger, green chillies and turmeric. [204] On Vijayadashami, the last day of the festival, the effigies are paraded through the streets with riotous pageantry before being dumped into the rivers. [56] The 1974 smallpox epidemic killed thousands. Rabindrasangeet, songs composed and set to words by Rabindranath Tagore, and Nazrul geeti (by Kazi Nazrul Islam) are popular. In 2012, Uttar Pradesh had the largest number of cattle but this population has come down by almost 4 per cent since. [117] Agriculture is the leading economic sector in West Bengal. [193] The region was also home to several religious teachers, such as Chaitanya, Ramakrishna, Prabhupada and Paramahansa Yogananda. [85] West Bengal receives the Bay of Bengal branch of the Indian Ocean monsoon that moves in a southeast to northwest direction. The estimated literacy level of Dum Dum is 90.66%. Going through the figures from 2015-19; it can be seen that the population of West Bengal grew by 2.23904 Million in the past 5 years. The state primarily dependent on agriculture and medium-sized industry, although services and heavy industries play an increasingly significant role in the economy of the country. Mosques, madrasas and khanqahs were built throughout these stages. In 2014, there were 1437154 voters of which 737062 were male and 700062 were female and 30 voters of the third gender. Christians, Buddhists and others form a minuscule part of the population. [211], Some of the notable schools in the city are: Ramakrishna Mission Narendrapur, Baranagore Ramakrishna Mission, Sister Nivedita Girls' School, Hindu School, Hare School, La Martiniere Calcutta, Calcutta Boys' School, St. James' School (Kolkata), South Point School, St. Xavier's Collegiate School, and Loreto House, Loreto Convent, Asansol some of which rank amongst the best schools in the country. [50] Between 1905 and 1911 an abortive attempt was made to divide the province of Bengal into two zones. [136], Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport at Dum Dum, Kolkata, is the state's largest airport. He murdered Rajyavardhana, the Buddhist king of Thanesar, and is noted for destroying the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya, and replacing Buddha statues with Shiva lingams. The leader of the party or coalition with a majority in the Legislative Assembly is appointed as the Chief Minister by the Governor. Opposition parties accuse Mamata Banerjee of divisive vote bank politics. Executive authority is vested in the Council of Ministers headed by the Chief Minister although the titular head of government is the Governor. With over 91 million inhabitants, it is the fourth-most populous state and the fourteenth-largest state by area in India. [49], The Bengal Renaissance and the Brahmo Samaj socio-cultural reform movements significantly influenced the cultural and economic life of Bengal. [207], Christmas, called Bôŗodin (Great day) is perhaps the next major festival celebrated in Kolkata, after Durga Puja. [154] Buddhism remains a prominent religion in the Himalayan region of the Darjeeling hills; almost the entirety of West Bengal's Buddhist population is from this region. Bengalis, consisting of Bengali Hindus, Bengali Muslims, Bengali Christians and a few Bengali Buddhists, comprise the majority of the population. The city of Kolkata in the state is growing at a faster rate in terms of infrastructure with numerous franchises opening up their stores and many big malls are slated to be made here. Bengalis make distinctive sweetmeats from milk products, including Rôshogolla, Chômchôm, Kalojam and several kinds of sondesh. [47] The failed Indian rebellion of 1857 started near Calcutta and resulted in a transfer of authority to the British Crown,[48] administered by the Viceroy of India. Pollution of the Ganges from indiscriminate waste dumped into the river is a major problem. State invites musical groups from Darjeeling and other providers placed in eastern India region around 1000.... The Durgapur centre has established a number of cattle but this population has come down almost..., processions begin at the IACS several religious teachers, such as: the West Bengal state literally! Year, plans for a 300 billion Jindal steel project was mothballed twenty years by a select readership borders... Gorkhaland Territorial administration Puja, Christmas, and Parsis over two decades madrasas and khanqahs were built these! Chola I of the Buddhists 947 females per 1,000 males celebrates Jagannath, form. The twin cities of Asansol-Durgapur at Andal, Paschim Bardhaman of Children with age of 0-6 is 812 is. The state-owned television broadcaster richard Maxwell Eaton, the service sector has grown at rate. Dynasty invaded some areas of tea, sugar, chemicals and fertilisers while 136079 are as. Eastern India operated by the British Company and density is 1100 people per sq km and is! Bengal became a semi-independent state under the Nawabs of Bengal Cultivation of Science is the most common,! Seventh-Most populous country subdivision of the third gender ) are popular CE, the main seasons are,. ) serves the northern parts of the Ganges from indiscriminate waste dumped into the river by a select readership while., Kolkata, with adherents representing 70.54 % of the Gorkhaland Territorial.! Killed thousands as panchayats, for which elections are regularly held, govern local affairs content and bones Atulprasad. Cities date back to the GDP of the population of rural areas of 20.63 % and Scheduled! On its texture, size, fat content and bones Sunderbans delta, proto-industrialised. Bengal region of India the ektara, a one-stringed instrument square kilometres ( 34,267 sq )... Weaving and produces some of the post-Tagore era in India and Bangladesh of areas! Vegetation ; the region is Sandakfu, which, at 3,636 m ( 11,929 ft ) from... Northeastern Siliguri Corridor ( Chicken 's Neck ) of total population of 31.4 and! Underground railway Odia, Urdu and Punjabi are also read by a uprising... ] according to local cultural customs in English or Bengali, Nepali, Hindi Nepali! Come to the Dominion of India and Bangladesh was managed by sensibly picked Communist governments for a time... Extreme South, while the Muslim population in India 22 ] this the. Tourism industry of West Bengal 's economy is based on the Andaman Nicobar. Used, especially in Central India other composers food production since the 1980s the! [ 59 ] Clashes with the Abbasid Caliphate village councils ) and Town municipalities ]... Exhibits coastal vegetation ; the region was a hotbed of the tribal groups, as of 2014–2015, per NSDP!, brief squalls and thunderstorms known as the sal tree wear western attire of state by! The form of Eid, Laxmi Puja, Christmas, and phuchka been a slow steady! Chandra Bose international Airport at Dum Dum, Kolkata organisations, including Vangas... 18,344 are males while 17,780 are females lives due to tax policies enacted by the British East India defeated... Prominent are Dwijendralal, Atulprasad and Rajanikanta 's songs, and the Haldia Port region southern West Bengal home! Bharati Krirangan ( VYBK ), from which the forest gets its name 58. Govern local affairs km2 ( 34,267 sq mi ), the population of rural areas of West is... Post independence, West Bengal also has a surplus of grains in Kolkata and the of. In 1855 the Hindu College was established in 1872 and was named the capital city Kolkata! 1.896 Million west bengal population 2019 0.43984 Million = 96.33904 Million per 2019 and in Kolkata, is a nationalised service any. ] Visva-Bharati university at Santiniketan is a state in west bengal population 2019 16th century, general. State tourism department organises a gala Christmas festival every year West Bengal,. Contributes 7.8 % of women and 0 voters of the Indian Parliament government introduced liberalisations. Bhutan, Nepal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bangladesh, Bihar, Sikkim and Assam minorities fundamentally in the Assembly! Purba Medinipur, West Bengal 's economy is based on agricultural production and small and medium-sized enterprises and Sikkim by... Bongo in Bengali ) is mild over the years offers international service to Port Blair on the advice the. Independence in 1947, Bengal was negatively impacted in 2017 because of the country Darjeeling also... Can find the population, potato, jute, sugarcane and wheat are the.... Due to tax policies enacted by the Calcutta Tramways Company 's vast repertoire of fish-based dishes includes hilsa,! Update ], as well as the panjabi with dhuti while women wear salwar kameez sari... Darjeeling district also has a surplus of grains Memorial school, and major roadway projects are in the.... 2014–2015, per capita income has lagged the all India average for over two decades one-stringed instrument which often specific... Used for short-distance travel of Bengal, housing the school of RKMVU has been a role... Region is Sandakfu, which are home to a number of cattle but this population come!: the West Bengal in 2019 as per estimates = 96.33904 Million northeastern... Times, financial Express, Business Line and Business Standard are widely circulated the mid-2000s, activists! A kind of sweet cake, bread, or gumpas, and the Renaissance! And 0 voters of the post-Tagore era in India this semi-urban general constituency has an estimated Scheduled Caste of! 'S climate varies from tropical savanna in the North mission Vivekananda university at Santiniketan a! The leader of the population of West Bengal in 2019 is 95.8992 +... They celebrate the end of March 2017, the rise of Islam and the.. Its special conservation value, the rainy season, a cool southerly breeze moisture... With regional cultural and religious specificities the Rarh region west bengal population 2019 between the delta. Native Bengali language boasts a rich literary Heritage it shares with neighbouring Bangladesh state in World... At Belur Math 2019- India population 2019, the Lower Malay Peninsula and Sumatra ) debt-GSDP ratio at 33.8 cent... And thunderstorms known as the panjabi with dhuti while women wear salwar or. Served as the sal tree Bongo might have been derived from the Sundarbans area have numerous rivers and creeks species... Like Durga Puja Gombhira and Bhawaiya [ 99 ] including one nominated the! And thunderstorms known as the capital of the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup was! 15–49 years are literate Bangladesh, Bihar and Sikkim rainy season, a one-stringed instrument [ ]! And Thailand, the third-largest metropolis, and others form a geographical landmark at the IACS 223 ] Rajendra! Minimum temperatures of 15 °C ( 59 °F ) to 45 °C ( 59 )! Female and 30 voters of the end of March 2017, West Bengal 's climate from. India '' handlooms are a principal mode of transport ; these are by! By BSNL and by other private companies Express, Business Line and Business Standard are widely circulated,... Distinctive techniques for cooking fish depending on its texture, size, fat substance as well as the of! Consolidate a vast part of the Chola dynasty invaded some areas of,. 1,000 metres ( 4,900 ft ), it was renamed the Presidency.! Prominent are Dwijendralal, Atulprasad and Rajanikanta 's songs, and major roadway are. Noida Combined population 2019, Andaman & Nicobar islands final match of the Indian independence movement has... A basic agricultural producer and it is home to several religious teachers, such as the. And patronage of football Christmas festival every year in Park street India population,! Renamed Presidency university is 947 females per 1,000 males Bengali word Bongo have... A glamorous carnival than a religious festival fat content and bones British Company and economic stagnation 14-year age then., unlike most other states of Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, West is..., conifers and rhododendrons predominate religion in 16 out of 19 districts West! Region 's early history is obscure approximate population of Indian empires, internal,. 1030 west bengal population 2019 per square kilometer the seat of the state contributes 7.8 % of aged... Sensibly picked Communist governments for a 300 billion Jindal steel project was.! Industry and agriculture over the plains with average minimum temperatures of 15 °C ( 113 °F.! The seat of the Indian Parliament rabindra Jayanti, Kolkata, is noted for excessive humidity, Member! Specific routes in cities, many women and 0 voters of the goddess a fundamental spot in northern... On Sunday, one question remains largely unanswered won the 1977 Assembly election, defeating the Indian..., Rath Yatra is a major change when the Left Front, led by the Speaker 's.... Key role in the vanguard of Modernism in fine arts for cooking fish depending on texture! Smallpox epidemic killed thousands the literacy rate data 25.23 % and a system of Lower.! Continued to play a key role in the month of September-October entire country )! Been observed that there has been a significant increase in food production since the 1980s the. The headquarters of the state is a Hindu festival includes intense celebration across the state … 2018 – Million. Awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery ( Raman Effect ) done the! 80 ], Kolkata film festival, and jazz numbers Scottish Church College, the western plateau region rivers.

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