, Department of Public Safety: 700 Kipling Street, #1000, Denver, CO 80215 | 303-239-4400, Bureau of Investigation: 690 Kipling Street, #3000, Denver, CO 80215 | 303-239-4222. Decoding a Sample VIN. These data definitions are documented in the, Emissions and Safety Inspection Locations, Colorado Traffic Safety Statistics for 2017, FARS Analytical User’s Manual (AUM), Appendix D. 12 percent change in fatal crashes: from 269 to 302 cases resulting in fatalities. if((typeof result=='undefined')||result) The VIN you entered is not a valid Toyota VIN. } If you’re not purchasing a new car from a dealership, you can run a car VIN check to know all the facts about any used car, vehicle history records, salvage records, how many previous owners it had, inspection status, recalls, and repaired defects, just by typing the car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the plate number in our search box. for(var i=0; i