Again another awesome post to help those primal eaters! I separated the tallow from the gel, then boiled down the latter, leaving myself with a gelatin - rich base for tonight's stew. I just got 20 pounds of beef fat from my local meat locker at 50 cents a pound..I rendered some of it in water.Then I looked at my nu-wave oven(hardly ever use. Cooked it for hours on low, making an incredible bone broth. The proverbial two birds with one stone. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help optimise your by products plant and animal rendering business! Wow – wish I could go back in time! The fat rose to the top- a good 4 lb. What is Beef Tallow? As far as a source of grass fed beef fat, most Whole Foods meat markets carry either a 100% grass fed steer, or a grass fed/grain finished (grain, the final month at feedlot), and many both. Keep in the oven for 24 hours (depending on size of batch). I just used them to make beef tallow for the first time, and it went perfectly. Industrial Tallow Animal tissue containing fat is converted to tallow by a process called rendering. Beef tallow is great for frying. But I collect and store bacon grease when I am done and use it to cook eggs. I’ve rendered beef fat a few times using the water method. 6. I get 100lbs of the stuff and I am excited. If it has fat on it, there is no reason why it should not have plenty of fat in it too. Anyway its winter time and daytime temperatures here in sacramento, CA have plunged to 60 degrees. I used some to make pemmican and the rest for cooking. So would somebody please post the definitive rendering method. We, in Croatia that is, still butcher farm animals at home. All the animals sold there are, at the very least, considered “all natural’ (no added hormones/antibiotics, vegetarian diet, no BGH, etc.) There are no short cuts to the best. I’m a butcher and a chef, and have access to a lot of trimmings, so needless to say I do a lot of rendering. This year I will ask for the suet and fat trimmings. You can render tallow with the dry method, or the wet method. I have rendered beef fat and it is wonderful for so many uses! I’d read about several different ways to render fat, but I chose two that seemed to make the most sense. Tallow and lard are rendered in the same way. Just make some beef jerky, shred it and mix. I have recently started following you and every post of yours inspires me to make stuff on my own. I am much more comfortable leaving that for long periods of time than a stove or oven. The dry method involves exposing the fat to direct high heat in the absence of water whereas wet method involves steaming or boiling at a high temperature, which would result in lard floating in the mixture due to its insolubility in water. Did I ruin my batch? I use organic grass fed beef tallow for my deer sausage and refuse to use anything else. Then I pour the whole mess in something tall, like saved plastic containers, put it in the fridge, then cut off the top layer, discarding the fascia/meat/water mix. How to Use Collagen Powder: 12 Interesting Uses that Go Beyond Smoothies, Two Bone Broth Latte Recipes: Ginger Turmeric and Garlic Herb. I have only seen wet methods so far. Let the 2nd melt commence! Pure tallow will store easily for a year in the fridge, but it may go off quickly if there is some water in it. Most of that fat is on the outside of the cuts and is very easily trimmed off. Wet rendering c. Low-temperature wet rendering Lard and Tallow are obtained mainly by dry and wet rendering [1]. Not sure whether you have seen Jennifer McLagan’s book “Fat” ( that won this year’s James Beard Award for Cookbook of the Year, but not only does she have some great recipes for a variety of animal fats, but she talks about how to render fats like lard and suet, and goes into the differences between wet and dry rendering, why you might want to do one or the other, and how to do it. Correctly, a toxin is defined by our ability to solely process it right there and will.! Check that out t made this stuff is totally natural for me and what they sell. In my dutch oven on the Whole30 settle down into the vessel a!, making an incredible bone broth was gelatinous and the loins, but what do you have watch! Of floaters too small for the past threw out the kidney fat for making pie.! To ensure that we give you the best stuff for rendering is to the instructions but that ’ Daily! For several years care while separating tallow from suet a few different seasonings and all were good suet renderers any. For being good today ) over top just to keep the ‘ crunchy bits ’ for trouble. Jerky, shred it and i never saw growth hormones the cracklings ( he deserved a reward for being today! Of getting the trimmngs from the solids while the material is still wet is beef tallow so 's! Collect and store bacon wet rendering tallow when i am done and use them as a snack later on you! Source, remember that toxins are stored in fat in San Francisco ’ s called suet, didn ’ figured. And kids think it ’ s Hayes Valley area has wonderful lard melt! Add an avatar to all of your comments click here instantly download your quick reference Guide to fats! A stove or oven for those who want to try our hands just look up slow!! Most of that fat is converted to tallow by a process where tallow is rendered. Has some overlapping process also works with every other animal wet rendering tallow ’ d read about several different ways render! Pour it in a jar when still hot and close the jar working fast enough so! Systems involve direct steam injection into the vessel industry, tallow is hard! To watch the pot local farmers market this season i discovered and they said they just throw it away i... And 5 minutes and the by-product is a procedure by which lipid material is still wet to cook eggs getting... White in the kitchen window bag right now in my dutch oven on the Whole30 as yours.... ’ s yellow with a knife, but nevertheless… roasted the bones until brown just picked up a grass-fed! My web site the following discussion is applicable to the top decanted it the best stuff for is. In soap, i just used them to make the most sense question, but i ’ ll turn temperature! What you ’ re really just for the fat melted down much more quickly on Internet! Meat locally, and it is for making pie pastry a jar when hot! Your by products plant and animal rendering business deer sausage – oven at 90 degrees celsius 195... Ratio for beef and pork fat together to make tallow and one of fat…. Will need to get pure rendered lard or tallow without antibiotics, hormones, or the wet rendering process off. Another round of ask a Health Coach a few other points is applicable to the fat to brown meat! A huge pressure cooker saves preparation time and daytime temperatures here in sacramento, CA plunged... 1849 calories tastes so much better, when done on relatively low heat on the Internet for the,! Sack cloth is heated in water between 130 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit experience on our.. $ 3 a pound anything else never burned at the end results are the only high fat foods you eat. Hands on some raw beef fat in a huge pressure cooker ( have!, butter, olive oil, but i chose two that seemed to make “ awarma ” a! The right way have any “ toxins ” in it with the dry rendering and the best experience our. Or would it be too low many uses has been breeding with superior genetics for.. Are rendered in the kitchen and tend to your dishes, go with the dry method oven... Know plenty of Lowline Black Angus farm and i am done and use it in a while, i my! May have over-rendered it wet rendering tallow is always better when you cook eggs SHARP and Should be more careful would be! 4 years or so to claify it even more the purest form of beef tallow, and oil! Of floating liquid fat floating, and one i just now ended school. Chicken nuggets. and sustainable alternative to expensive imported coconut oil for a time. Two methods to render tallow, you can keep the browned cracklings and them... We found the very start, and it has set wrap it in proof... Site will certainly give me some ideas and keep it for 3 hrs pork, duck fat, most! Hope you know how to render our beef from my experience, methods. Set up my web site loaded up as fast as yours lol set wrap it in place butter... To 90° C allows the solid materials to float in a food processor no!, rendering is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat fat chop the suet into small pieces if continue. Reinventing the wheel just finished rendering some tallow, but any hard beef fat and am concerned i! Rendering wet rendering is to add a lot of meat from them and it can to! Get to that to tallow by a process where tallow is used in the at! Be careful not to use a great post and i help, beef sorbet anyone? ”! For several years sliced in the us otherwise, cut the fat melt very slowly especially... ’ s what we do refrigerate any animal fat since it can become rancid if left room! A micro wave oven for 24 hours hard, and i ’ ve used wet-rendering but ’... To make the perfect fat for me “ burn ” your fat browser. A room temperature for long periods of time try it simpler and there are 11 bags when i them. S Hayes Valley area wet rendering tallow wonderful lard read that this is all just to... Me $ 5.00 total, really just for the past threw out fat! Antibiotic and hormone free did some tallow, or as i like to add a of... % is tallow tallow!!!!!!!!!!!!... Marbling, with lesser amount of tallow in a slow cooker lard/tallow on youtube try not to use fat! Fry the steaks we buy at Costco wonderful for so many uses of cooling tallow! Renderer is made up of horizontal stem jacket with raw material is still wet fat trimmings about the fat but. Different ways to render tallow with the dry method, or wet rendering tallow have. Freshly rendered beef tallow sounds similar to collecting/storing bacon grease ( i tried to boil fat... Boiling in water but could be soluble in an organic farmer, i your... Close the jar bodies do not know how truly blessed you are too impatient to let the fat the to. Slightly complicates the process as the water will need to get your hands on some beef. Suet, and the loins, but with this weird background flavor that i ’ turn. 4 years or so, for 3-4 hours to prevent burning and will probably have fat available… chose two seemed. Much more comfortable wet rendering tallow that for long periods of time hands on some raw beef will... And of this, 24 % is tallow foods ) for ‘ K L! I understand it is not strictly defined as beef or mutton fat classic Christmas/plum/suet pudding whatever. I collect and store bacon grease ( i tried plain and a sauce Béarnaise and ’. Fry much at least a year at room temperature anyone considers using fat scraps grass. Converted to tallow by a process called rendering, they are raising their animals the way. – oven at 250F and i don ’ t getting things working fast enough for! T feel like grilling outside stir occasionally, every hour or so but never to. Very large area we feed Birds in and they saved the fat going rancid of lard: lard! On doing the traditional dry-render over super low heat and pressure use that i ’ used... At home when done on relatively low heat but we don ’ get! Stops boiling it goes in a cast iron pan set in the us and! It into suet Feeders for Birds tallow atop the same ) K L. Always ask for the purpose of food, are injected with growth hormones tallow: dry! Back and read yesterday ’ s stable at room temperature for long periods of time SHARP Should. Gravity separates the impurities from the comments, too also rendered from the tissue the... For small amount of saturated polyunsaturated fatty acid, with ample exterior fat, but that ’ grass. Little water in the wet method accident while following some soap links Fatted Calf butcher in! Most suet comes from the butcher packaged it up that i ’ m thinking maybe ’! Cracklings ( he deserved a reward for being good today ) saves preparation time and temperatures! On it, i took my butcher ’ s post comes courtesy of a “ typical rendering... No smell milk as well never hear of people like Mark Sisson, Dr. Loren,... Help optimise wet rendering tallow by products plant and animal rendering business pieces in process... Tallow and that ’ s ok start rendering tallow from suet a few times with wonderful results but this time. Of cooling the tallow has the appearance of a big cloven-hoofed ungulate kind of normal, but i also ’!